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Glory Farm Primary School

Glory Farm Primary School is located in the northern side of Bicester, Oxfordshire. The school provides education for pupils aged between three and eleven from a richly mixed catchment area, which is a responsibility that we take very seriously. Our community is very proud of our school and the strong reputation we have thanks to our committed teaching and support staff team.

At the heart of everything we do, are our children. We aim towards developing our children into life-long learners who are equipped to be educated citizens of the future. Our role is to give each individual child every opportunity to achieve their full potential, both intellectually and physically; and to develop emotional, social, spiritual and moral values. This is facilitated by a highly talented and enthusiastic team of committed teachers and teaching assistants, who work incredibly hard to provide the children with an exciting and aspirational curriculum within a friendly and supportive learning environment in which each child feels happy and safe.

Our school was previously part of the Bernwode Schools Trust but we are now looking forward to working collaboratively with a larger number of schools as part of the Acer Trust.  

Headteacher:  Mrs Jane MacLachlan

School Address: Glory Farm Primary School, Hendon Place, Sunderland Drive, Bicester, OX26 4YJ
Tel: (01869) 244050 
Email: office@gloryfarmschool.co.uk

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